The Perfect Wedding Band

Men's wedding rings. 

Are you searching for the perfect wedding band? Our modern wedding bands come in unique styles but they all represent the same thing, commitment and forever lasting love.

K-sta Tungsten carbide wedding bands are in demand and becoming one of the most popular types of wedding rings today. This is because of the great number of benefits found in tungsten carbide rings compared to rings made from platinum, gold and other precious metals.

Men who are constantly working with their hands will love the safety aspects of a tungsten carbide band. Gold and other metals that bend can harm the finger in an accident. Tungsten carbide rings will not crush or bend your finger, so if you work with heavy machinery, or accidently shut your hand in a car door, a tungsten wedding band is likely to fracture into several pieces and fall off your finger freely.  You might be safer wearing a tungsten ring than a precious metal band.

The history behind the tradition of wearing a wedding ring, in most western cultures it’s worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, otherwise known as the ring finger. It was thought to be a vein in that particular finger, referred to as the 'Vena Amoris' or the 'Vein of Love' said to be directly connected to the heart. No one can really say for sure when this age old tradition actually started. Some believe that the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings dated some 4800 years ago back in ancient Egypt. Sedges, rushes and reeds were twisted and braided into rings worn by the women in those days. The materials these rings were made of didn’t last very long. Today we offer rings that can last a lifetime, so on your golden anniversary your ring will look just as good as it did on your wedding day.