How To Care For Your Ring


The superior qualities of a K-sta Tungsten Carbide Ring makes them virtually carefree. However they still need to be cleaned to look their best. The cleaning is very simple, a soft cloth or jewellry polishing cloth can remove finger prints and smudges. If you get oil or dirt stuck between the grooves you will need some mild hand soap or dish washing detergent and a cleaning brush (toothbrush will also do the job). Mix the soap with warm water and let the ring soak for 30min. Use the brush and get into the grooves to remove any foreign materials. Once the ring is cleaned give it a good rinse and dry with a cotton towel. Now your ring is as good as new.

Important Note:

DO NOT use any harsh cleaning chemicals such as ammonia, bleach or chlorine. If you’re going to be working around these products, remove your tungsten ring until you’re finished. This includes using bleach to do your laundry or general household cleaning. Also remember to remove your ring before getting into the pool or jacuzzi.

DO NOT use jewellry cleaning solutions made for other metals as this may cause a negative reaction with the composition of tungsten.

AVOID using ultrasonic jewellry cleaners, these can also damage your ring.

Store your tungsten ring away from other jewellry that have been cleaned with any chemicals as it is possible there may be residues remaining on these jewellry, which may cause a negative reaction.

Store your tungsten rings away from diamonds as these are one of the only few things that can scratch a tungsten carbide ring.

Plated Tungsten Carbide rings (gold and black) are not scratch proof. All plated jewellry will show wear marks over time.

Although your K-sta Tungsten Carbide ring is tough and scratch resistant, care should still be taken as it is not indestructible.