What is Tungsten Carbide

What’s all this talk about K-sta Tungsten Carbide Men's Rings you’ve been hearing? Our rings are made of the most durable material on this planet. Pure tungsten in its natural form is an ore. Rings made of 100% tungsten will not polish up to a shine and is more fragile because of its extreme hardness. So what we do is add the perfect mix of tungsten, nickel, tantalum, titanium, niobium and chromium. Our recipe creates one of the strongest material that is virtually indestructible and shines forever. It rates between an 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. To understand this better let’s compare it to other materials.

18K Gold = Mohs 2

Titanium = Mohs 4

Tungsten Carbide = Mohs 8

Diamonds = Mohs 10 (the highest rating on the scale)

Tungsten ore in its powder form is combined with the other various binders and poured into a die cube containing a ring mould.  The mould is then subjected to high pressure forcing the powder together into a solid ring blank. The blank is then sintered in an oxygen-powered furnace at temperatures exceeding 3,300 degrees Celcius. Only at this insanely high temperature will the blank's component elements intermingle and solidify as one. Once the ring blank is cooled, it can then be individually hand cut and polished using a variety of polycrystalline diamond tools and diamond abrasives. To cut and polish a tungsten carbide ring you have to have something stronger than the tungsten and diamonds are about the only thing stronger. There are still about 30 different steps in the process to get it right. It is all very close to how diamonds themselves are cut and polished.  This leaves our K-sta Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings with a polish and shine that will never fade therefore looking new forever. 

Beware of cheap Tungsten Carbide rings, these inferior rings are usually made with cobalt as a binder. These Tungsten rings are more brittle, they can develop oxidation spots and can also irritate the skin.