Frequently asked questions


Is this website PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant?

Yes, K-sta is powered by Shopify which is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.  For further information  please see


Are K-sta Tungsten Carbide Rings unbreakable?

Our rings are made with the perfect mix of high grade tungsten, nickel, tantalum, titanium, niobium and chromium. Our recipe creates one of the strongest materials but is not indestructible. If subjected to a hard blow the ring may shatter as Tungsten Carbide does have brittle properties. Just like a diamond will crack under the right pressure. Shattered rings are covered in our Unlimited Lifetime Replacement Warranty.


Will a K-sta Tungsten Carbide Ring stay polished for ever?

Yes through normal every day activity it will. A natural finished K-sta Tungsten Carbide Ring will never tarnish and keep its polish forever. Any plated (gold and black tungsten) ring will need extra care as the plated colour can scratch and fade. Any Carbon Fiber and rings with inlays are protected with a clear resin and they are susceptible to getting scratch. Don’t despair though as all our rings are covered in our Unlimited Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If you are looking for a ring that will definitely stay new forever choose a natural finish K-sta Tungsten Carbide Ring.  


Can a K-sta Tungsten Carbide Ring be removed in the event of an accident?

K-sta Tungsten Carbide Rings are actually one of the safest rings to be wearing if involved in an accident. Our rings are so dense it is impossible for them to deform and crush your finger unlike some of the other metals. Hospitals are equipped with several methods to remove a K-sta Tungsten Carbide Ring, for your piece of mind amputation isn’t one of them.


Why are there cheaper Tungsten Carbide Rings available online?

Not all tungsten carbide rings are created equally. There are manufacturers that make rings out of tungsten alloys. These rings lack the hardness and are easily scratched, they can also develop oxidation spots. With the wrong blend these cheaper rings are also fragile, break easily and irritate the skin.


Are K-sta Tungsten Carbide Rings hypoallergenic?

Yes K-sta Tungsten Carbide Rings are hypoallergenic. Beware cheaper tungsten carbide rings can contain cobalt used as a binder. Cobalt binder alloy when mixed with tungsten can oxidize and develop a negative reaction which can irritate your skin.