How to Choose a Men's Wedding Ring

by Ken Tran October 17, 2016

The process of choosing a men's wedding ring is often a daunting process. Tons of thought usually go into selecting her ring, but when it's time to select yours, it's normal to find yourself completely lost when it comes to terminology and the endless selection, this is probably because you have given it almost no thought before the time has come to choose a ring!

Don’t worry, choosing the best ring for you that will last a lifetime doesn't have to be as painful of a task as it might seem. There are a few thing you need to consider first that will really narrow things down and make the selection process much faster and easier, and you will be happy you did a bit of research before you jumped right in.

The first thing you will need to consider is the material you want it made out of. There are a lot of choices here such as gold, silver, titanium, platinum, tungsten, and even ceramic. Each choice has positive and negative traits to them such as price, shine, and hardness of the material. The easiest way to do this is pick a general colour you like… that will narrow the materials down to a handful, then pick your price range, and that will narrow it even further, then research the metals and determine what is right for you and your lifestyle. Remember, ideally this ring will last a lifetime.

The next thing you will want to consider when buying a men’s wedding band is the width of the ring. Even if one millimetre doesn't sound like a lot, size differences will be very apparent when they are on your finger. Bigger fingers usually need wider wedding bands. The first thing you should do is try on a few different ring width sizes and determine which width looks best on your finger and hand. Keep in mind, wider rings are usually slightly more expensive because they contain slightly more metal.

The next thing you should consider is the actual profile of the ring. There are several different shape profiles of men’s wedding rings such as classic court, D shaped, flat, and flat court to name a few. You can usually determine which style you like best online, but once you are at the shop you should take a look at each or try them on just to be sure in person.

The last thing you need to take into consideration when buying the ring is that your ring should match (at least kind of close) to your future wife’s wedding ring. There should be a general theme between the rings, at least at a minimal level, such as they should both be the same colour, or the same material, or the same profile. Generally they do not have to be an exact matching set if you don’t want them to be, but they should have some similarities. If you are looking for a truly unique men’s wedding band, and something that will last a lifetime, you should check out our custom selection of men’s tungsten wedding rings.

Ken Tran
Ken Tran